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Schiers is an Open-World map, this is about chilled sundays at your local ski that case My local ski resort.

Nested inside Beautiful Italian Appennino Landscape the map features an accurate reproduction of the whole ski resort.

So, Heightmap is mostly the same, vegetation is where is meant to be, also lift structures reproduce the real ones...

Vegetation had been carefully hand placed and optimized as much as possible, usually you can't acces most of the woods cause dense this case you can mostly ride any single sqm of the map.

You can use ski maps placed around to know where you are and plan your trip to the next spot.

Like in real life you will find the Best Spots NOT on Main Slopes BUT on the side or the spaces in-between them.

The resort is mostly served by two lifts + a noobie one in the "Town Center"

As of this is a game, the map had been gameplay carved and pimped things in certains parts are a bit different from their real counterpart. (Yes the SSX style Rocky Canyon is pure imagination, yeah also the Castle Spot)

Map is Almost complete, i've reported 0.6 version cause some site specific things i want to add that weights to me.

0.1 for The Triangle Shaped House

0.1 for the Abandoned Lifts Freeride

0.1 Cleaning Up Folders and Unused Assets

0.1 Gameplay Tuning

-This is Performance Intensive Map-

For those who are experiencing frame drops i've splitted the map on the two main lift rides.

Trailer was taken on Full Map running @720p on gtx1060 Fantastic Settings

Map by BBLOCK Digital & Enrico Galeazzi Architecture Studio






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